Thursday, November 13, 2014

Celebrations! Birthdays, Bottles, and Babble. . .

A Time To Celebrate. . .

LM1’s Third Birthday was a success--she was a little bit under the weather, but she had a good time and celebrated in her style. I am amazed that she has not eaten a bite of her birthday cakes (3 now)--at least not while the party is going on. The theme, Frozen--trampoline, UnderArmour, and AG doll, the bounty. 

Nannie (Our It Girl’s Mother) also celebrated her birthday. She is also celebrating life's progression--starting a new job, living away from home during the week, and moving from her home and hometown to be close to grands. Her present was my first attempt at book art--a pumpkin.  Took two books, but it was a success, I think!

LM2 is starting “school”. Yes, it doesn’t seem possible, but she is 3 months old. For several weeks now in practice for going to school, we have been working on her bottle skills. Glad to report she is doing well and taking bottles. Let’s hope she keeps up the good work! 

My Grands are loquacious. LM1 is a talker--we have since she could make sounds had long conversations about her world, yes always! She still likes to tell you how it is! LM2 is a talker too--in the afternoon when she wakes up from her long nap, she likes to talk things over. She is very animated when she tells you her stories about her day. Our It Girl wonders where these little girls get their talking expertness; I just smile as I remember the rating that appeared most on my elementary school progress cards; next to “Talks Too Much” the "Most of the Time Box" was always checked. 

A few of my favorite things--falling leaves, sparkling frost on the lawn, crisp air, planning for the holidays, shopping for the holidays, decorating for the holidays, and clean sheets to name just a few.

May all the seasons be sweet to you,

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Busy Time. . .

Hi to all...

It has been a busy time these last months.  I have been wanting to blog, but as I have seen mentioned on others' sites “Life happened at our house”.  All is good. Here is the condensed version of what I have been up to---

Little Miss 2 is growing like a weed.  She is doing well and is such a joy. She is “talking” to us and wants to sit up and be a part of the happenings. Our It Girl goes back to work soon so we are gearing up for that transition. Our hard work on bottle feeding has paid off and we are hopeful that LM2 will do well at school.

Little Miss 1 is three! Yes, we can’t believe it, but it is true. We celebrated her birthday with a Frozen Party. She had a fever and was not quite herself, but I think she had fun. She is going to gymnastics--the class is going well--at least the last two. She loves school and has been the best big sister ever. She calls LM2 “her baby”. 

We are so blessed to have these two beautiful, healthy, smart, and adorable grands in our life. 

Hiatt House (what I like to call Coach’s and Our It Girl’s new house) is coming along. Outside is complete and Dirtman has the yard in shape including new grass peeking up. Work inside is progressing.  Painting upstairs is complete with cabinets and flooring to be installed soon. Downstairs is close to being painted--the den is being used as a paint booth for doors and molding but will be painted soon.

Next, packing, moving, and decorating so Hiatt House is ready for the holidays. 

And then Thanksgiving!

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


For every season there is a time for every activity under Heaven. . .

On this 249th day of 2014, I am thinking about gratitude. Last year, 2013, was full of seasons--good and bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my life and feel blessed.  But just like all of us, I had challenges in 2013.  But this year is good!

Here is what is happening right now in my life--

Our second granddaughter is here--our Little Miss 2! Little Miss 1 is the best! She loves her little sister and has adjusted to being a big sister well, so far. I have decided to give them nicknames even though Little Miss 1 is not too sure about it. LM1 is Chickadee because she is a like a little bird with a big song.  Little Miss 2 is Cricket because she is like a little bug with a big chirp.  (I know that some experts say that only male crickets chirp, but others say that strong females do too!) Life with these two beauties is joy filled! We grandparents know that Grands are like our own heart walking around. Feeling Gratitude!

Coach and Our It Girl are building a new house. we are hoping they will be in it by Christmas. Here is the progress as of a week ago.  Of course, Dirtman has been “supervising” the progress. He dug the basement, built the workshop pad, dug trenches for the electricity and water lines, moved dirt for the septic system, and ensured that the “yard” is looking its best.  Their home is located on 3 or so acres with a farmed field behind it, a “ creek” to the west, and a cow-filled pasture across the road.  They do have a neighbor to the east, but not close. This home will be a perfect place for them to raise their family. Feeling Gratitude!

New House Front
New House Back

Dirtman and I are enjoying semi-retirement. Of course, Dirtman is bulldozing these days and we are waiting to see if he returns to his “real job” for special projects.  I am still doing my own thing and could not be more grateful! Working in my studio and helping C get ready for a big party.  One of her twin daughters, A, works for a local Chamber of Commerce and it is time for Ladies Night.  The theme is Boots and Bling! Here is a sneak peek of one cute accoutrement!

Bling for Boots
Still working on my Wilna inspired album.  I keep finding new must-include embellishments! Below is a snapshot of my pages--at least what I have gathered so far.  I used  my Stampin Up Smoky Slate ink pad to wash the pages--they have just the right grey mottled background. The color theme is Pirouette Pink and Smoky Slate with touches of Mint Green and of course gold and silver additions such as dotted vellum, glitter frames, and Sharpie metallic gold and silver dots. The pages are layered.

 For the first layer I am using book pages from a book I bought at a resale shop in Kenai, Alaska. The book is titled And the Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer. It is a fictional novel and a good summer read. I started tearing the pages from this in-perfect-condition-hardcover-with-dust-cover book to use in this album. Then one day I was watching Jeopardy and this book was an answer to one of the clues. That sparked my interest and I wanted to know more about it. Now I am kinda sad that I ripped pages from this book. I bought it to use in my paper crafting because it has 1,184 pages, the first page of each chapter is decorated, the color and weight of the pages are perfect for paper crafting, and it has mention of holidays and festivities that I love to celebrate-not to mention that some of the names of characters and towns are familiar too. Even though these pages make the perfect first layer, I might not have used them if I had known the history before the first rip. I used 6x6 paper from Maggie Holmes collections for the next layer and many of the embellishments are from her collections too. 

Possible Pages Collection
Feeling Gratitude! 

If you are a paper crafter and have not found Wilna on the “inter web” as she calls it--here is the link. Check out her site. She leads the best online workshops! I love her style, hope you will too.

Good Friends are such a blessing in my life. A few of these GFs I have known since junior high school. I moved the summer before my eighth grade year. It seemed like the end of my life at that time, but it turned out to be the beginning of one of the best things in my life! We are a group of five women who still share our lives. When we are together it feels like we are teenagers again. Three of us, P and B who are mentioned in my It’s a Girl Thing--A Girlfriend Thing! post and me, are planning a girlfriend-get-together-road-trip next week. Can’t wait! Feeling Gratitude!

Not all I feel gratitude for, but a good start! 

Things I like--the beginning of Autumn, Bosc Wine, Keurig coffee pots, and my freezer filling up with bounty from our garden just to name a few.

May all the seasons be sweet to you, 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well, I’m back.  

Now for a few updates. . . 

The Studio

I am working in the studio (can't get used to calling it that--it is my craft room, but my BFF P always calls it my studio--I just have to chuckle).  Here is my messy worktable. Still need wall decor.  I think I will use my PB Flag on one of these walls.

Love the new Grey Chairs!

The Projects

Still working on my Wilna Furstenberg inspired book--it will document the debut of Little Miss H2 and will feature Little Miss H1’s reactions.  Only thing is, I did not make one to document the debut of Little Miss H1. Another project!  Yay!

Page Stacks are ready to be put together.

Three of my favorite things right now are my new Gold Stapler and my Gold and Silver Sharpies.

Nate Berkus Stapler (Target)
One Dollar Sharpies (Dollar General)

Have made a few “enamel dots” to use in my book.  Google eyes and Sharpies make pretty good enamel dots.  

Google Eye “Enamel Dots”
Inspiration from 47CMC YT Video

Remember those wonderful circa 1960 book Christmas trees that were commonly made from Reader’s Digest books--well, yes I am making my version.  Will show you the finished project soon.

Christmas Book Christmas Tree!

The Garden

We have had abundant harvests this year--the corn, potatoes, onions, green beans, and tomatoes have produced like mad and we have been busy freezing, canning, and eating our bounty. We have harvested buckets this year! Yum!

A few of the 500+ ears of corn.
Bag of green beans.

Just a few of our yummy tomatoes.

The New House

The kids are also waiting for their new house to be ready for move in.  The basement rooms are framed, the upstairs floor is down, the upstairs rooms are framed, the outside walls are up, and the roof tresses are being put in place.  Each day we see progress! 

New House

The Playroom For Little Misses

The playroom is in the basement of the new house and it will have glass panel french doors into it.  I have lots of ideas for that room.  Hoping to donate my school table and four chairs, the art easel, the rabbit bench (Grandad built it and Grandie painted it back in our craft show days), four large floor pillows, and frames for displaying the exquisite art made by our two little misses.  Here is the inspiration picture and the frames I have acquired so far.  

Via Pinterest-YellowBlissRoad
Love the frames.
Little Miss H1 has these sheets too.

Loving these frames!

Of course, there has to be room for the kitchen, ironing board, and dish cabinet not to mention the baby crib, stroller, and highchair!

The Debut of Little Miss H2

We are anxiously awaiting our new Little Miss. Right now Little Miss H1 thinks that having a baby sister will be the best thing since sliced bread. Hope that is still her feeling after Little Miss H2 makes her debut. It is not long now! Another blessing!

Some likes (have not included any for a long time)--cool summer breezes, gold staplers, edged driveways and sidewalks, my new studio,  and Sunday family days!

May all the seasons be sweet to you,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Deja Vu?

A time to remember. . .

Growing up with a working Mother it was common to have a Saturday schedule that included several rituals.  Strip the beds, change the sheets, put on a pot of beans, and clean the house like mad.  I still can’t resist the urge to strip my beds and wash sheets on Saturday.  I guess there is something to be said for soaking in a Saturday night bath and then jumping into your bed to enjoy the smell and feel of clean sheets. Some habits do die hard.  

So today as I finished up my Saturday rituals and was making my “army corners” on our bed, I experienced Deja Vu! Along came a memory of making my bed, but having fitted top sheets so that you did not have to make “ army corners”! I remember having fitted top sheets--am I dreaming. You know that Deja Vu experiences don’t necessarily have to be true?? Are there still such a thing? I hope so.

We did not wash our sheets on Saturday because for most of my young life my Mother preferred to go to a laundromat at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning.  My sweet Dad tried for years to buy her a washer and dryer, but she refused. She liked getting all the laundry done at once and having all of the washers and dryers to herself. No one else would be there at that time of day for sure. There was an ulterior motive--she loved to look through all of the coins--pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters, and half dollars (she had an in with the owner of the place) so she could fill coin books for us. But that is another story.


Happy Father’s Day dear sweet Dad, Dirtman, and Coach! 

I love my washer and dryer!

May all of the seasons be sweet to you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Studio Update, a New PaperCrafting Project, and an Old Special Project. . .

A season to create. . .

Remember that desk I pictured in a previous post--well here it is now. . .

Old Desk--almost clean.

I have made good progress--

Studio, Studio, Studio. . . having fun with the big cabinet.  So many options--what to store in it and where should all the treasures go in it??? Can’t resist putting some decorative items on these shelves--of course I move things around daily.

Here it is so far!

Off to buy one more ugly storage drawer system to put in the middle bottom compartment. 

Here is the middle compartment.

Well, it is in place and full--looks messy doesn’t it.  It is organized and my score board, paper trimmers, laminating machine, Zyron refills, and large paper will fit here. 

Now About Projects---the newest project is a mini album based on Wilna Furstenberg’s Family Album. I will be using several cool techniques in this project--applying modeling paste with stencils, filling the frame on the cover with resin, enhancing pages with watercolor elements, layering papers and embellishments, as well as spraying gold paint to create shiny backgrounds papers for some of the pages. Michael’s $1 frames make great covers and a sweet concertina is the perfect binding. Eight pages with delicate grey and pink papers and embellishments along with sweet pictures will make it a favorite. 

Here is the cover--maybe!

Here is a sneak peek at one of my special projects.

Special Grands Book.

Here are parts and pieces--they will be bound into a book that I hope will be treasured by my Grands someday. I will share more later.

Better go for now--need to go watch the rain.

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Big Cabinet

A time for more work. . .

Update on the studio

Carpet is down. The closet is organized and full of scrapbooking tools, embellishments, and paper. The work table and chairs are in place.

New Work Table--Projects Too!

Now on to the cabinet--it is a cool piece of furniture. I decided to paint it! Color choice is Annie Sloan French Linen with clear wax. I cleaned it well and it is ready to paint. But of course, I waited until it is too humid to paint it outside.  I could move it to the garage or Dirtman’s shop where I can enjoy air conditioning, but that would be too easy.  So I moved it to the studio.  I did not want to paint it in place, but that is the new plan.  

Of course, I could not wait to start filling it with treasures, so I have a few things in place--yes, they will have to be moved again.

Here it is! Lots of storage. It is deep and 12x12 items fit on these shelves.

Glitter in one place!

Glitter Jar

Shelves for Jars and other Tools.

Tag Jars and Tool Containers.

Another Tag Jar, Baker’s Twine in Jars, and a Clothespin Jar too.

Manilla Tags, Twine, and Clothespins in a Jar.

Yes, I think I will live with the unpainted wood for a bit--it is too fun to organize.  Then when it is full, I will decide to paint it. Oh Man!

Now the TV, Stereo System, and my Decor! Getting closer!

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

Monday, May 5, 2014


A season for work. . .

The work has begun.  The carpet is in place (needs one more thing) and organizing is in progress.  

Project 1 is to clean out and organize the closet space.  Check!

The closet is cleared and organized.  It is full of plastic storage cabinets--I don’t like the way they look but my supplies are organized and easily accessible.  I have some great tools and supplies I had forgotten about.  As soon as the carpet installation is complete (soon I hope) I will be ready for the next project.

Project 2 will be to move my storage cabinet in and clean it.  Maybe even paint it??? Can’t make up my mind about that.  I bought Annie Sloan paint to use.  The story about this cabinet is interesting.  Many years ago a friend bought the cabinet--it was advertised on a local radio “tradeo” broadcast.  She brought it home and when I saw it I loved it.  I told her that if she ever decided to get rid of it, I wanted it.  Well, she got rid of it at a sale in spring, 2013.  I was not there but lucky for me a good friend was.  Good friend purchased the cabinet--she did not know it was “my” cabinet.  Her plan was to take it to a flea market.  Well, as life would have it, she told C (remember her from my It’s a Girl Thing--A Girlfriend Thing post) about her wonderful purchase and the plan, C told me about the cabinet--she did not know it was “my” cabinet either but I knew immediately it was “my” cabinet.  I got it!  Yay!  Friend called to apologize--she had forgotten about my request, after all, it was 20+ years ago. Isn’t it amazing how things work out. 

Project 3 will be to decorate my space.  I need a television and some of my favorite patriotic things in my space. it will be fun to put everything in its proper place.

Once all of these projects are accomplished, it is time to create! Let the fun begin. More soon.

May all the seasons be sweet to you,

Friday, April 25, 2014

Here We Go! Updates and The Old College Try To Be A Real Blogger!

A Season To Get Back To It. . .

Yes, I know I said that before.  But let’s not dwell on that, okay? I for one am glad 2013 is over. 

A few updates. . . 

1. My Bingo Fridays post is on my mind again today.  My sister called this morning to say that she is driving by the our Saba Grotto everyday--really two times a day.  That sparked a new interest in finding out more about that childhood palace--a place where I spent many happy hours.  Here is what I found out today--this mansion, as it was called in the listing, was sold for taxes by the IRS in 2008.  Just about the time I was retiring, this landmark that made such an impression on the young me was being auctioned off.  I guess it sold--my sister says it looks much better now than the last time we drove by. Here is a picture of it--don’t know when this was taken but this is pretty much how I remember it.

I told you it was a spectacular place.  We even found pictures of the inside (just a few) that brought a few tears to our eyes as we reminisced. 

2. My one follower, long-time bestie and cookie cutter guru, has a new blog.  I guess that her new venture renewed my determination to blog. You can find her blog here. It’s on!

3. I am loving papercrafting--working on a few big projects and adding to my to-do list at a pace that is lightening fast. Have you looked for online tutorial and “haul” videos? Can you believe that paper crafters record supplies they buy so we can see them and then rush to the store to get them too? If you have the urge to shop and don’t want to spend money--just watch them describe what they bought. Hee! Watching these videos lead to the development of my obsession with Target $1 Spots. Yes, it is crazy! Here is the latest project--a bird themed frame.

4. Working on my “studio” is an ongoing process.  I have a basement full of treasures (organized of course) in totes.  I have stacks of treasures on my desk.  I have half-finished, almost-finished, and finished projects on my desk and tucked ever so carefully in totes.  It is a mess--I don’t admit that to Dirtman, but I can tell you because you all will not judge me.  Here is a picture of my desk--organized stacks? Man, it looks even worse in this picture.

My Desk

Progress is being made. The studio and bathroom are painted (Revere Pewter BM), the bathroom floor is all new (Allure Vinyl Wood--Country Pine), the bathroom vanity is freshly painted (Pewter Behr ), and the old blue carpet is removed. New grey carpet is purchased and will be installed soon.  Next week I will begin the task of arranging furniture and organizing all of my treasures.  Hope it all fits!  I will document all progress and will be sure you are up to date. I know you want to watch.

My New Space

Well, that is about it for now.  

May all the seasons be sweet to you,