Monday, March 11, 2013

More Easter Decorations

A time to Embrace and a time to Throw Away. . .

Went through the Easter totes in my treasure trove.  I am so excited when I see all of the cherished decorations I have collected over the years.  Yes, next year Little Miss will have a good time decorating with all of these treasures.

I stayed with the yellow and white theme and here is what I have so far.  Of course I hung the yellow Peeps wreath on the laundry room door...

Cute Peeps Wreath

Can't believe that this wreath is holding up so well.  Still looks good! Goes with the yellow theme too.

Now to the table--simple center decor with basic place settings.  Here we go...

The setting--simple and classic.

Here are descriptions of the individual pieces...

Yellow Eggs

The planter is a flea market find for $3 and the eggs are blown and died confetti eggs.  The eggs are from WalMart--they are old and I am so glad I bought two dozen when I saw them.  Have not seen any since.  There are blue, green, pink, and yellow--of course, I used the yellow.  The cake plate is Martha Stewart.

The birds are from Michael's--white ceramic with bling.  The stand and dome are Martha Stewart.


The rabbit is from TJMaxx--I think it was in the Pottery Barn catalog earlier in the year. It is paper mache and has a sweet expression.  The dome and plate are Martha Stewart.


The runner and napkins are Home Goods linens--new last week.  The place settings are Ralph Lauren from Home Goods.  The glasses are vintage flea market finds.  The egg cups are Hallmark from years ago--there are pink, blue, and green cups too.  The mini cake stands are Martha Stewart.  The bunny salt shaker and chick pepper shaker sets are Hallmark.

Place Setting

So, there we have it.  Just table decorations for this Easter.  Of course, Little Miss will get her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny.  It is already pretty full--so fun.

Have a great day and week.

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Time to Plant and A Time to Harvest...

Spring is on its way---we are seeing signs of it every day.  The robins are chirping, the trees are budding, and the plants and flowers are peeking through the ground.  Oh yes, we are "springing forward" tonight.

Spring is full of pleasant surprises. Last year I bought four white hyacinths for my Easter/Spring decor.  I love the beauty and smell of these hardy yet delicate flowers.  My plan of course was to plant them around my front door as soon as Fall dawned, but the best plans of Mary. Instead, I plopped them on the copper boot tray under the bench in the laundry room.  Forgot all about them really.  

When I saw hyacinths in the stores this year, I bought two--white of course.  I put them in my white ceramic pots and placed them in my kitchen window.
White Hyacinth
About a week ago, I was cleaning in the laundry room and much to my delight, there they were--four hyacinths peeking out of the soil in their crude black plastic pots.  I could not believe it--those sweet smelling flowers survived! I brought them into the light and started to water them--they are growing every day. 
My Surprise White Hyacinths
Such a sweet Spring surprise! 

Getting ready for Easter one decoration at a time. Thinking I should keep it simple and classic this year since next year Little Miss will want to help and we will need to put out every egg, chick, bunny, and basket packed away in my Easter treasure trove. Here is a start--yellow and white runner and white cake stands and planters. These sweet white birds are new. 

First Easter Decoration
Thinking yellow--need some inspiration and some treasures!

Happy Spring!!!! 

May all the seasons be sweet to you. . .