Monday, May 5, 2014


A season for work. . .

The work has begun.  The carpet is in place (needs one more thing) and organizing is in progress.  

Project 1 is to clean out and organize the closet space.  Check!

The closet is cleared and organized.  It is full of plastic storage cabinets--I don’t like the way they look but my supplies are organized and easily accessible.  I have some great tools and supplies I had forgotten about.  As soon as the carpet installation is complete (soon I hope) I will be ready for the next project.

Project 2 will be to move my storage cabinet in and clean it.  Maybe even paint it??? Can’t make up my mind about that.  I bought Annie Sloan paint to use.  The story about this cabinet is interesting.  Many years ago a friend bought the cabinet--it was advertised on a local radio “tradeo” broadcast.  She brought it home and when I saw it I loved it.  I told her that if she ever decided to get rid of it, I wanted it.  Well, she got rid of it at a sale in spring, 2013.  I was not there but lucky for me a good friend was.  Good friend purchased the cabinet--she did not know it was “my” cabinet.  Her plan was to take it to a flea market.  Well, as life would have it, she told C (remember her from my It’s a Girl Thing--A Girlfriend Thing post) about her wonderful purchase and the plan, C told me about the cabinet--she did not know it was “my” cabinet either but I knew immediately it was “my” cabinet.  I got it!  Yay!  Friend called to apologize--she had forgotten about my request, after all, it was 20+ years ago. Isn’t it amazing how things work out. 

Project 3 will be to decorate my space.  I need a television and some of my favorite patriotic things in my space. it will be fun to put everything in its proper place.

Once all of these projects are accomplished, it is time to create! Let the fun begin. More soon.

May all the seasons be sweet to you,


  1. Did you paint your storage cabinet? I hope your projects are progressing. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. I am in the process of painting it. The studio is a big project! I have too much stuff. Got sidetracked with a new project--painting the changing table for Little Miss 2’s room. It is pink, but now needs to be SWGrapeMist.

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  3. Grape Mist, as in the lavender/purple family? I don't believe it. LOL!

    1. Yep! Our It Girl picked the colors--SWSpa and SWGrapeMist. It is new for me, indeed!