Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's a Girl Thing--A Girlfriend Thing!

For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.  A time to embrace. . .

Much is written about friends and friendship and some of it is true.  There are hundreds of sayings, quotes, and adages about the subject too.  It is interesting how we choose each other and become friends, stay friends, and sometimes decide not to be friends.  A friend can say what's on her mind and we accept it.  A friend can be crazed or frenzied and we accept it.  A friend can be snappish with us and we accept it.  But after all is said and done a friend is always there to give us whatever we need even when we think that the only way to make things right is just to click our heels together and go home.  Yes, friends are a blessing!

One thing is sure, I am a lucky girl when it comes to the girlfriend pool.  I have been blessed with friendships that are like a bond of sisterhood.  Here is a first installment about my friends--three of my besties.

C--she loves details, has a big family, goes full speed ahead, wears trendy fashions, hates wasting time, says "it's all crazy" all the time, and knows what a friend needs and when she needs it.

P--she loves shopping, has a great smile, goes nutty often, wears jewelry all the time, hates dirt, says "one day at a time" all the time, and knows most all of my history.

B--she loves technology, has a new daughter-in-law, goes freaky sometimes, wears crocs, hates snobby people, says "I'm a Ding" all the time, and knows alot of important information.

On September 25, 2010, Coach and It Girl were married in her hometown--what a quaint little town (another blog)--I love it!  The one way trip is three hours long, we had three venues to decorate--rehearsal dinner hall, reception eatery, and reception party spot--as well as the church.  We started decorating on Thursday for the Saturday ceremony--that meant several days away from home, nights in a hotel, loading necessities, unloading necessities, and hours of decorating.  But have no fear--who was there to make sure that everything was perfect and that the details were in place--yes, you guessed it--these three besties.  Our soon to be in-laws were awesome--they had most things under control.  Of course, we had help from hubbies too, but it was the girl power that made everything just right.

The Church

The Rehearsal Dinner Hall

The Reception Eatery

The Reception Party Spot

These photos show only a small part of what was accomplished by these friends for our celebration.  There are not words to describe the feeling it gives me to know that I have friends who will do almost anything for me--what a gift.

Make new friends, but keep the old.  What good advice.  I need to heed this advice and make a connection with an old friend--a friend that I have not talked to for quite some time.  That is added to my to-do list!

More likes--glass cake plates, junking, pumpkins, patriotic buntings, white cake plates, birthstone jewelry, fair ribbons, taking notes, big bows on little girls, giggles, kraft paper, Easter baskets, learning, and timeless traditions just to name a few more.

May all the seasons be sweet to you,

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