Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready for Summer?

Seasons--oh yes, seasons. . .

Here in mid America we have four seasons.  We have summers that swelter you, winters that frost you, and between these extreme seasons we have springs that renew you and autumns that soothe you.  We are in the thralls of summer--days and nights with humidity that makes you sweat--yes ladies sweat, not glow--and temperatures that scorch you if you let them. 

Before the worst of summer begins we have days with rain and temperatures that nurture yards and gardens.  Days that might get warm and humid, but nights and early mornings that are delightful.  Having four seasons is a good thing--we can always look forward to the next season and can enjoy variety in our climate. 

One of my pet peeves about summer is the humidity--it does a number on my hair, I can say it makes it wild.  Age seems to make me more aware of the changes in the weather--another season.

A time to weep and a time to laugh. . .  As I age there could be a lot of weeping, but there are several changes that I have to chuckle about--hot and cold moments, changes in skin quality, losing focus so easily, wearing glasses all the time instead of just when I read, and decreasing endurance.  Yes, chuckle--these changes are part of the process and I have decided to go with them as best I can.  It is malarkey that we can age gracefully, we just do the best we can and try to keep a sense of humor about it.  After all, what choice do we have.  Some things get better with age--we are wiser, more patient, and get more discounts without even having a coupon!  Yes, aging is fun and we may as well embrace it!

One part of aging that I do not like at all is the change in conversation with family, friends, and acquaintances.  It seems we have moved from verbiage about living a good life to living a life full of aches and pains as well as daily changes.  Wow--how did we go from skipping and doing cartwheels to using rails to navigate steps and propping our foot up before we can tie our shoe?  And what about wearing glasses all the time--what happened to that pinpoint eye sight we had?  Coach once commented that he was not looking forward to going straight to the eye doctor when he turns 40--that's what happened to both of his parents.  We talk about all of our "parts" that are changing and describe them sometimes to our own embarrassment.  Oh yes, aging is not for the weak--it is a journey that should be embraced and talked about with a sense of humor.  A time to weep and a time to laugh. . .

Of course one of the best things about growing old is that we have the opportunity to be grandparents.  For years now I have enjoyed the sweet, precocious, ornery, beautiful, handsome, spirited, perfect grandchildren of my sister and my friends.  But, alas, soon I will have a grand of my own to shower with all of my grandie love.  Yes, in the past two years, our lives have been blessed with a daughter-in-law that we could not love more and this autumn we will welcome a bouncing baby girl--WOW--pinch me now!  Postings will soon have a pink tint!

More of my likes:  white tulips (really I prefer white flowers of all types), blue mason jars, stars, Pottery Barn, and scrapbooking to name just a few more.

May all seasons be sweet to you,

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