Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wreath Junkie

A time to make, and hang, and store. . . Yes, I know that is not one of the seasons commonly referred to, but it is my own rendition because it goes with my post today.

There was this one time (who am I trying to bamboozle--I have created many wreaths throughout the years) that I was inspired to make wreaths...well, first a snippet of background information...I have always liked wreaths so I bought wreaths, was given wreaths, or handcrafted wreaths over the years, and even own several books on the subject of making wreaths---Martha Stewart's, Great American Wreaths that shows a wreath based on some token pertaining to every state in the union and Country Living's, Handmade Wreaths: Decorating Throughout the Year that uses home grown and found in nature items to create wreaths for every season of the year--just to name two.  I have four totes and three large boxes of wreaths in my array of accouterments that take up part of my basement--the part that houses my treasures! 

Last winter I was watching MS and one of her employees was demonstrating how to use coffee filters to make some pretty cute wreaths.  She had made them to sell at a craft bazaar that happens at MS each year.  My wreath-making passion was awakened and I decided that I had to give it a try--well, I made one and it was pretty nice, I was amazed how inexpensive white coffee filters took on another persona as they were folded, glued, fluffed, and glittered or painted.  Well, that was the beginning--I made another a bit smaller and it was perfect!  I was even more excited about the wreaths after my sister (who sometimes does not appreciate my creations) commented that mine was neat and that she wanted one.  And so began my mini, several month obsession with coffee filter wreaths--an obsession that lasted from Thanksgiving to Valentines' Day.  Sooo, I made wreaths for It Girl, my sister, my niece, my two twin "mary god daughters", and even helped MPS make one for her sweet mom and Grandma C.  My wreath count was up to twelve including the ones I made for myself, but who was counting.  I learned alot about coffee filters during this wreath making obsession--not really important.  My white glittered round wreath or my red glittered heart wreath hung on my utility room door for more than two months and still looked good when I carefully stowed them in a tote.  I love these wreaths even though they left glitter remains all over my utility room.  Wish my camera upload cable would work so I could post pictures of my wreaths--I will post pictures when I hang them again.

From coffee filter wreaths I went on to Peeps wreaths.  Yes, I saw the idea in a Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate magazine and had to have one.  Since I was on a "let's make wreaths" binge, I made one.  Mine was made with yellow rabbits--it was cute!  I think one that uses all colors of Peeps would be really cute too.  Again, the picture is on my camera that does not have a working upload cable--ugh!  I will post pictures.

Wreaths are made from material, tulle, and/or ribbons that are wrapped, gathered, or tied on.  They are adorned with pearls, Christmas balls, buttons, decorated styrofoam balls, candy, popcorn not to mention items from nature such as flowers (real, silk, dried, or paper), seeds, twigs, and leaves.  Here are a few examples of some pretty cute wreaths that I like...


Basic Black Crepe Paper and Ice

  Cups and Drink Umbrellas

Balloons and Buttons

 Book Pages and Old Style Clothespins

Candy Canes for Christmas and Valentine's Day

Glitter, Garland, and Acorns

All wreath images are from love them and will probably have to try my crafting skills on a few of them too.

Well, here we go again...these season wreaths are next on the list.  I think I will start with the Autumn Wreath.  Next, the Winter Wreath, the Spring Wreath, and then the Summer Wreath.  I am going to paint my front door black (already have the paint.)  So here they are...

 Autumn Wreath
 Winter Wreath
 Spring Wreath
Summer Wreath

These wreaths are from Jones Design Company.  They are so cool--made from burlap, wool, linen, or jute twine.  The instructions are available on the site--the tutorials are easy to follow.  Can't wait to get started--maybe these can be gifts?  Love them.  The Wreath Junkie crafts on!

I really like wreaths, Rowe pottery, trinkets, silver serving trays, #2 pencils, unspoken secrets, and tulle just to name a few more.

May the seasons be good to you,

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