Monday, May 2, 2011

One Thousand, Seventy Two Days

Welcome to my first blog.

As we all know, there are seasons to our lives.  It has been 1,072 days since I retired after 30+ years of teaching business and computer science at the high school and community college levels.  My teaching career was both challenging and fulfilling and I loved almost every moment of it.  In May, 2008, I moved into a new season of my life--retirement.  My retired life has been filled to the brim with living the good life--I might say life beautiful.  

I celebrated two blessed events since I retired--events that lead me to new seasons in my life--I became a mother-in-law and I will be a grandmother this fall.  Talk about spinning on the dizzy edge--there will be more about these celebrations soon. 

Things I like (not a complete list and in no particular order)--charm bracelets, Sleepless in Seattle, Bosc wine, soirees, gold jewelry, watching birds, flea markets, Josh Groban, life:beautiful, Americana, books, American flags, glitter, You've Got Mail, wearing jeans, office supplies, and Baby Boom just to name a few.

To start off, here's more about two of my likes.  These likes bring me inspiration and joy.

oNe  Shortly before I retired in May of 2008, I was on my way to visit my traveling husband, Dirtman.  It was Spring Break and I was excited to spend a relaxing week in Edmonds, Washington with my love.  Dirtman had been traveling with his job for about eight years.  We decided when our son, Coach, was a sophomore in college that Dirtman should work for a national company and that meant travel--after years of working around home so he could be home every night to be a dad to our son, Dirtman was ready to take off for a job that would allow him to use his experience and supervisory skills to move into management.  The new job would also allow us to stash money for retirement.  After all, he had paid his dues working for company after company doing road construction work within a 60+ mile radius of our home--we do not live in a metropolitan area so we were used to him leaving home at 4:30 a.m. every morning and returning home 13 or more hours later just in time to catch sporting events, banquets, and parent/teacher conferences.  Now he has his dream job working for a national environmental construction company.

Meanwhile, back to my trip--Coach was kind enough to drive me to the airport so my week of fun could begin.  I needed reading materials so we stopped at our local Wal Mart (remember, not a metropolitan area).  I don't know how you feel about Wal Mart, but I will tell you more about my relationship with WM later.  I surveyed the magazine/book isle and much to my surprise found a new magazine--one I had never seen on the shelves before.  This magazine is wonderful!  Gotta have it.

Back in the car and on our way, I decided I could not wait any longer to peruse my new find.  I flipped through the pages just to get a feel for the type of magazine I just purchased.  Wow--now I really love this magazine.  One of my childhood friends (more about her later) owns a cookie cutter business and her umbrella cutter was featured in one of the articles (Spring, 2008; April Showers).  I was in awe!  Thus my relationship with this magazine began.  It is the only magazine I subscribe to and the only magazine I give as gifts--life:beautiful--a lifestyle magazine with inspiration about Family, Faith, Purpose, Life, Home, and World.  I think you will like it. 

tWo  Americana--oh yes--my nickname is Patriotic Girl.  I like all things patriotic, red, white, and blue.  Here is just a little about this obsession.  I like to think that my home is decorated in upcountry style--don't know what that means, but I guess it means country with some upstyle items added in--things that are in style right now like white dishes, life sayings on boards, and silver serving items.  I have flags in every room and think that they are a standard room accessory--American Style Living?  Here is one of my likes. . .

Maybe that is enough for today.  Thanks for reading.

May all seasons be sweet to you,

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  1. Way to go Mary! I'm proud of you for getting your blog up and going! Now you can share all your "likes" and great ideas with everyone instead of just a few. We have shared a lot over our many years of friendship including growing up in Oklahoma, college, teaching, marriage, motherhood, charm bracelets, crafts, shopping, friends and flags. I too want to share your love for Life:Beautiful magazine, but I never get mine read - sigh - maybe someday. Hopefully we will have many more years of friendship and fun things to share.