Friday, April 25, 2014

Here We Go! Updates and The Old College Try To Be A Real Blogger!

A Season To Get Back To It. . .

Yes, I know I said that before.  But let’s not dwell on that, okay? I for one am glad 2013 is over. 

A few updates. . . 

1. My Bingo Fridays post is on my mind again today.  My sister called this morning to say that she is driving by the our Saba Grotto everyday--really two times a day.  That sparked a new interest in finding out more about that childhood palace--a place where I spent many happy hours.  Here is what I found out today--this mansion, as it was called in the listing, was sold for taxes by the IRS in 2008.  Just about the time I was retiring, this landmark that made such an impression on the young me was being auctioned off.  I guess it sold--my sister says it looks much better now than the last time we drove by. Here is a picture of it--don’t know when this was taken but this is pretty much how I remember it.

I told you it was a spectacular place.  We even found pictures of the inside (just a few) that brought a few tears to our eyes as we reminisced. 

2. My one follower, long-time bestie and cookie cutter guru, has a new blog.  I guess that her new venture renewed my determination to blog. You can find her blog here. It’s on!

3. I am loving papercrafting--working on a few big projects and adding to my to-do list at a pace that is lightening fast. Have you looked for online tutorial and “haul” videos? Can you believe that paper crafters record supplies they buy so we can see them and then rush to the store to get them too? If you have the urge to shop and don’t want to spend money--just watch them describe what they bought. Hee! Watching these videos lead to the development of my obsession with Target $1 Spots. Yes, it is crazy! Here is the latest project--a bird themed frame.

4. Working on my “studio” is an ongoing process.  I have a basement full of treasures (organized of course) in totes.  I have stacks of treasures on my desk.  I have half-finished, almost-finished, and finished projects on my desk and tucked ever so carefully in totes.  It is a mess--I don’t admit that to Dirtman, but I can tell you because you all will not judge me.  Here is a picture of my desk--organized stacks? Man, it looks even worse in this picture.

My Desk

Progress is being made. The studio and bathroom are painted (Revere Pewter BM), the bathroom floor is all new (Allure Vinyl Wood--Country Pine), the bathroom vanity is freshly painted (Pewter Behr ), and the old blue carpet is removed. New grey carpet is purchased and will be installed soon.  Next week I will begin the task of arranging furniture and organizing all of my treasures.  Hope it all fits!  I will document all progress and will be sure you are up to date. I know you want to watch.

My New Space

Well, that is about it for now.  

May all the seasons be sweet to you,


  1. OMG! That's a lot of stuff! I'm glad your're finally getting workroom of your own. Yay you! Thank you for mentioning my blog in comment No. 2!

    1. Yes, stuff, stuff, stuff. All treasures of course. Thanks for reading and commenting.