Saturday, May 24, 2014

Big Cabinet

A time for more work. . .

Update on the studio

Carpet is down. The closet is organized and full of scrapbooking tools, embellishments, and paper. The work table and chairs are in place.

New Work Table--Projects Too!

Now on to the cabinet--it is a cool piece of furniture. I decided to paint it! Color choice is Annie Sloan French Linen with clear wax. I cleaned it well and it is ready to paint. But of course, I waited until it is too humid to paint it outside.  I could move it to the garage or Dirtman’s shop where I can enjoy air conditioning, but that would be too easy.  So I moved it to the studio.  I did not want to paint it in place, but that is the new plan.  

Of course, I could not wait to start filling it with treasures, so I have a few things in place--yes, they will have to be moved again.

Here it is! Lots of storage. It is deep and 12x12 items fit on these shelves.

Glitter in one place!

Glitter Jar

Shelves for Jars and other Tools.

Tag Jars and Tool Containers.

Another Tag Jar, Baker’s Twine in Jars, and a Clothespin Jar too.

Manilla Tags, Twine, and Clothespins in a Jar.

Yes, I think I will live with the unpainted wood for a bit--it is too fun to organize.  Then when it is full, I will decide to paint it. Oh Man!

Now the TV, Stereo System, and my Decor! Getting closer!

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

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