Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well, I’m back.  

Now for a few updates. . . 

The Studio

I am working in the studio (can't get used to calling it that--it is my craft room, but my BFF P always calls it my studio--I just have to chuckle).  Here is my messy worktable. Still need wall decor.  I think I will use my PB Flag on one of these walls.

Love the new Grey Chairs!

The Projects

Still working on my Wilna Furstenberg inspired book--it will document the debut of Little Miss H2 and will feature Little Miss H1’s reactions.  Only thing is, I did not make one to document the debut of Little Miss H1. Another project!  Yay!

Page Stacks are ready to be put together.

Three of my favorite things right now are my new Gold Stapler and my Gold and Silver Sharpies.

Nate Berkus Stapler (Target)
One Dollar Sharpies (Dollar General)

Have made a few “enamel dots” to use in my book.  Google eyes and Sharpies make pretty good enamel dots.  

Google Eye “Enamel Dots”
Inspiration from 47CMC YT Video

Remember those wonderful circa 1960 book Christmas trees that were commonly made from Reader’s Digest books--well, yes I am making my version.  Will show you the finished project soon.

Christmas Book Christmas Tree!

The Garden

We have had abundant harvests this year--the corn, potatoes, onions, green beans, and tomatoes have produced like mad and we have been busy freezing, canning, and eating our bounty. We have harvested buckets this year! Yum!

A few of the 500+ ears of corn.
Bag of green beans.

Just a few of our yummy tomatoes.

The New House

The kids are also waiting for their new house to be ready for move in.  The basement rooms are framed, the upstairs floor is down, the upstairs rooms are framed, the outside walls are up, and the roof tresses are being put in place.  Each day we see progress! 

New House

The Playroom For Little Misses

The playroom is in the basement of the new house and it will have glass panel french doors into it.  I have lots of ideas for that room.  Hoping to donate my school table and four chairs, the art easel, the rabbit bench (Grandad built it and Grandie painted it back in our craft show days), four large floor pillows, and frames for displaying the exquisite art made by our two little misses.  Here is the inspiration picture and the frames I have acquired so far.  

Via Pinterest-YellowBlissRoad
Love the frames.
Little Miss H1 has these sheets too.

Loving these frames!

Of course, there has to be room for the kitchen, ironing board, and dish cabinet not to mention the baby crib, stroller, and highchair!

The Debut of Little Miss H2

We are anxiously awaiting our new Little Miss. Right now Little Miss H1 thinks that having a baby sister will be the best thing since sliced bread. Hope that is still her feeling after Little Miss H2 makes her debut. It is not long now! Another blessing!

Some likes (have not included any for a long time)--cool summer breezes, gold staplers, edged driveways and sidewalks, my new studio,  and Sunday family days!

May all the seasons be sweet to you,

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