Thursday, November 13, 2014

Celebrations! Birthdays, Bottles, and Babble. . .

A Time To Celebrate. . .

LM1’s Third Birthday was a success--she was a little bit under the weather, but she had a good time and celebrated in her style. I am amazed that she has not eaten a bite of her birthday cakes (3 now)--at least not while the party is going on. The theme, Frozen--trampoline, UnderArmour, and AG doll, the bounty. 

Nannie (Our It Girl’s Mother) also celebrated her birthday. She is also celebrating life's progression--starting a new job, living away from home during the week, and moving from her home and hometown to be close to grands. Her present was my first attempt at book art--a pumpkin.  Took two books, but it was a success, I think!

LM2 is starting “school”. Yes, it doesn’t seem possible, but she is 3 months old. For several weeks now in practice for going to school, we have been working on her bottle skills. Glad to report she is doing well and taking bottles. Let’s hope she keeps up the good work! 

My Grands are loquacious. LM1 is a talker--we have since she could make sounds had long conversations about her world, yes always! She still likes to tell you how it is! LM2 is a talker too--in the afternoon when she wakes up from her long nap, she likes to talk things over. She is very animated when she tells you her stories about her day. Our It Girl wonders where these little girls get their talking expertness; I just smile as I remember the rating that appeared most on my elementary school progress cards; next to “Talks Too Much” the "Most of the Time Box" was always checked. 

A few of my favorite things--falling leaves, sparkling frost on the lawn, crisp air, planning for the holidays, shopping for the holidays, decorating for the holidays, and clean sheets to name just a few.

May all the seasons be sweet to you,

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