Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Time to Embrace. . .

So much to say and a place to say it. . .yes my blog.  I made a resolution to blog more this year and I am off to a slow start--must get with it for sure.

Some things I like. . .

There are several blogs I read regularly.  So much time can be spent engrossed while reading unique and helpful information, delighting over remarkable inspiration, and planning what to do with the information overload you have just enjoyed.  I love looking at blogs and implementing some of the best ideas.  I sometimes wonder if I ever have a new idea--are all of my plans based on projects others think up and complete? Oh well, it is fun!

1.  Ceiling Fan Fun--The Best Ceiling Fan Update.  This idea is splendid!  Here are my two projects.

Our Bedroom
You know how one thing leads to another--now our fan needs to be painted.  I am in the process of painting our bedroom and onsuite.  Now I want to paint the fan the same color as the walls--conundrum!

Our Kitchen
This fan had a single schoolhouse type light.  It needed a bulb clip-on attachment.  Works like a dream.  I know that most if not all of the decorating gurus say that ceiling fans are "out", but they do not live in Kansas where the hot wind comes sweeping down the plain!

2.  At Christmas time I always want to add new bric-a-brac to my collection.  Many blogs feature projects that change regular dollar store treasures into spectacular upscale treasures.  This is a $3 nativity--I think it looks much more expensive than that.

White Nativity
Just the three pieces and a can of white spray paint and you have this upscale nativity.  Friends saw it and commented--perfect gift for friends.  Also, it is just the right size for tucking in with other special decorations. My own idea! Yay!

3.  Valentine's decorations mean hearts and red--right.  

You have my heart!
This is a cute table decoration that is inexpensive and takes a couple of minutes to put together.  The carrier was free from my sister, the "vases" are condiment bottles, and the velvet hearts are from the dollar bins at Target.  Just cute! My own idea.

Three little things that make my world better.  Just fun!

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

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