Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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When I started my blog, I had the best of intentions.  I thought that blogging would be fun (it is) and something I would enjoy (I do).  Little did I know that it would be difficult to keep up with.  But, enough whining. . .

Here we go with one more try to be a good blogger.  The inspiration came today while I was perusing A 2011 Christmas Tour--the blog has hundreds of links listed.  These links take you to blogs that tout Christmas decorations.  Not to be snobbish, but I decided after looking at 115 that I should get back to this hobby.  I can do it!  I can do it!  

So here we go.  To keep with the theme of my blog hopping, here are a few pictures of my Christmas House.

Merry Christmas
Here are three of the trees we have each Christmas--The Tree, The Skinny Silver and Gold Tree by stairway, and The Patriotic Tree in the laundry.

The Big Tree
This tree is in our dining room, the bay window is a great place for it.  The ornaments that adorn this tree are old ones from my parents, ones Coach made, and ones we have collected over the years.  When I look back at pictures of my trees during the years, they always look similar--I like that!

Skinny Silver and Gold Tree
This wonderful skinny tree is a favorite.  I have blogged about it before--it gets decorated for the seasons.  Wish I could remember how long I have had this tree.  It is made from a real evergreen tree--branches are cut short and artificial boughs are added for the decorative branches.  It is long-time favorite!

Patriotic Tree in Laundry
This cute tree is draped with red, white, and blue.  Just little and patriotic!

Well, you will see more Christmas decor during the Holiday Season this year.  Can't wait--this makes me want to go shopping and dig out Holiday decorations.  When I look outside and see the sun beaming down and the dry grass--I am jolted back to summer!

I have one comment on my blog--it is a special one and I guess one of my goals for my blog should be to increase views and comments.  Okay, but I don't like pressure!  Here is the comment from one of my besties. . .

Thanks Beth.
Beth said...

Way to go Mary! I'm proud of you for getting your blog up and going! Now you can share all your "likes" and great ideas with everyone instead of just a few. We have shared a lot over our many years of friendship including growing up in Oklahoma, college, teaching, marriage, motherhood, charm bracelets, crafts, shopping, friends and flags. I too want to share your love for Life:Beautiful magazine, but I never get mine read - sigh - maybe someday. Hopefully we will have many more years of friendship and fun things to share.

May all the seasons be sweet to you!

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