Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Grief!

A time to keep silent and a time to speak. . .

Well, well, well, I cannot believe that Christmas came and went, January is gone too, and February is gone, March is gone, and April is on the downhill slide--where has the time gone.  My best efforts to keep up with this blog are not enough.  It was March 3, 2012, when I started this post, two months have passed, and this is my first blog of the new year.  Oh well, you can't change what has happened, right?

A few notes on how my time has been spent. . .

One of the pleasures nowadays is spending time with our little girl--our first grandchild.  I like to call her Little Miss.  She is the sweetest, cutest, and smartest little girl ever (sound like a grandmother?).  She was four months old when I started this post and she is about all I can think about.  Coach has been busy coaching basketball and just last Tuesday (February 21) his team won their conference--they were even undefeated in the conference.  They made it to the finals for their regional substate.  Such a pleasure to watch our son doing something he loves so much and to share his celebration this year.

This week (we are talking March here) I have taken a few minutes here and there to peruse some magazines--love magazines and made a vow to stop buying so many.  You might remember that the only magazine I subscribe to is Life Beautiful, but I am rekindling my like affair with Country Living.  At one time, I had every Country Living magazine from 1975 to 2000 stashed in numerous places in my house.  Dirtman thought I should stop hoarding things so I painstakingly looked through each magazine to tear out all articles of interest.  I saved the Valentine's, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas issues--so I still have a few stashed.  The articles of interest are organized in several notebooks--I love looking through them from time to time.  In the March (page 32) issue the fresh picks: 24 fantastic finds--starting at just $3.99--that give tradition a welcome twist feature includes a state cookie cutter--Massachusetts handmade in the copper shop of one of my best friends.

Another interesting find from the current Flea Market Style magazine is in the Best Vintage Sales from Coast to Coast listings.  There are two cool vintage shops listed--Liberty Belle and Good Ju Ju.  These shops are in the historic part of Kansas City.  Need to visit these two shops soon.  Well, it is April and I have not been there--still planning.

In the Wreath Junkie post I mentioned my Peeps wreath--did not have a picture of it and promised to post it this year when the wreath was hanging in my laundry room.  Well, here it is.  This wreath was made last year, stored in a plastic hat box in my treasure trove basement stash, and it still looks good.  The Peeps are hard as bricks, but that is okay (good really) so nobody wants to eat them. 

Peeps Rabbit Wreath

Easter decorations are being packed and stowed today.  Now what.

May all seasons be good to you,

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