Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For Everything There Is A Season

A time for every purpose under Heaven. . .

Our Holiday Season, beginning with Thanksgiving, is upon us and this is the time we give thanks for our blessings, decorate our home with holiday treasures, and celebrate with family and friends.  Of course consuming gobs of delicious food is on the agenda too. 

Several years ago at a wonderful craft affair, War Eagle Craft Fair, I purchased a tree--at least I call it a tree even if others seem to be unappreciative of its charm and chicness (yes I know it is an inanimate object).  Any who, I have decorated my tree for the seasons since I brought it home--it has been adored with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Valentine's, and Easter baubles, trinkets, and trims not to mention times when it served as my second Christmas Tree.  I just like it!!!

My tree is made from a real pine tree--of course the branches are cut short and there are artificial branches stuck into its trunk.  It stands on an ugly brown piece of wood that makes it heavy.  I remember transporting it home in a best friend's car--we always had some treasure to make room for--we became masters of finding a way to pack in, hold, straddle, or sit on our finds all the way home. 

My Thanksgiving Tree is decorated with homemade Thanksgiving buckets, wool pumpkins, glittered turkey ornaments, antique candles in holders, strings of cranberry garland, brown glass garland, and a paper turkey roosted on top.  Just look at this tree--what is not to like?

My Tree with Thanksgiving Adornments
Cranberries and Homemade Trims

Here are a couple of the homemade Thanksgiving adornments found on my tree--I just like it.  Next year, there will be more ornaments--yes indeed.

Harvest Bounty Bucket with Cranberries

Glittery Turkey Bucket
I am thankful for so many blessings--family, friends, home, and being able to act on most every whim I have.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

May all seasons be good to you,

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