Saturday, November 26, 2011

Autumn. . .

Welcoming H Pumpkins
 Before Autumn leaves us for good, I thought I better post this blog.  Autumn is maybe my favorite season.  I like decorating my porches and home with pumpkins, cornucopias, apples, and mums.  I like collecting and preserving fallen leaves.  I like smelling the sweet Autumn crispness in the air, hearing the crunch of fallen leaves under foot, and making lists of all of the things I have to be thankful for.  I like gathering with family and friends.  Here's more on a couple of things I like about Autumn... 

Do you remember buying school supplies and organizing them so you would be ready for the first day of school.  I guess I was destined to be a teacher because getting ready for school to start has always been a tradition in my life.  Even now that I am retired, I find myself browsing through the isles of school supplies and thinking about buying a few things.   One of my favorite places to browse all year long is an office supply shop--so many possibilities!  Well, just one of the little things in life that brings me pleasure and its free--if I can refrain from buying.
Decorating with fall adornments is another pleasurable Autumn activity.  Having a great looking table is essential during this festive time of year--like this one from Celebrating Home a Seasons of Cannon Falls publication.

Love this Autumn Table
There is nothing like a home decked out in full Autumn finery--favorite fall centerpieces and decorations on display, candles burning and giving off scents of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, and a fire crackling in the fireplace.  This finery serves as a backdrop in a thankful home where family and friends will soon be welcomed and timeless traditions will be shared.

The decorations can be less splendid and still provide a fine backdrop.  Here is one of our simple, vintage table decorations--Dirtman cut him from wood and I painted him--circa 1985.  He is surrounded with leaves from our yard and acorns from It Girl's parents' home.  Kinda cute!

Our Vintage Turkey
As I finish writing and posting this blog, our Autumn decorations are packed safely away, we are reminiscing about our Thanksgiving celebrations, and our thoughts are turning to Winter when flurries will fly and we will be getting ready for the season we look forward to all year--Christmas.  We will be busy making lists for gift giving, trimming the tree, hanging our stockings, and decorating our homes with our best Christmas finery so we can enjoy the season as we welcome family and friends to share in more timeless traditions.
May all the seasons be good to you,

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